Madeira Airport Car Hire

Going to the sub-tropical paradise that is the Madeira archipelago will most likely mean that you’ll be going there by airplane, and thus you’ll be landing in Funchal airport, and that is why you should consider our Funchal airport car rental services

That is the first major benefit of employing our Madeira Airport car hire services, the fact that you will be able to pick up the car of your choice from the airport at an hour that you specify, is something that will greatly enhance the start of your journey to Madeira.

This advantage is more important than you might think, especially if you’re visiting the place for the first time, and you don’t speak the language. Getting to your destination via public transportation might prove to be really time consuming, depending on the choice you make and where you have to go. With a car at your disposal, all you really need is a map, and we provide that as well in the form of optional GPS devices.

That’s another benefit of our Funchal airport car rental services, the possibility of installing a variety of extras into your rental car, such as children seats, or the earlier mentioned GPS device. The use of the GPS is crucial to many visitors, as it basically annuls most of the problems related to not speaking the local language, or not knowing the street layout.

The fleet of cars available from our Madeira car hire offices ranges in size, fuel type and gearbox used, and this is meant to satisfy a wide range of requirements as possible, since different people visiting Madeira will want different things from the trip. We have cars ideal for going around the island, from town to town, while also larger ones ideal for off-roading through the foliage-rich, rocky mountains.

There are many other advantages and benefits related to employing our Car hire Portugal services, make sure you read up on them on our website. Also on our website you can use our form and book an early reservation for your trip to the wonderful archipelago of Madeira.

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