1. What are the documents I need to book a car?

All drivers must produce a valid driver’s license, a valid credit card and a prepaid voucher.
Licenses should be full, clean and must have been held for at least one year.

2. Can anyone else drive the car I have hired?

Only the renter and other approved persons at the beginning of the rental – additional drivers – are permitted to drive the rented Car. By each additional driver will be an additional surcharge of 5 Euro/day; maximum 50 Euro/rental.

3. Do I have to pay a deposit for the car?

To all customers are required to place a deposit taken in the form of a credit card imprint.
Groups – MINI, C, P: 1180.80 Euro
Groups – E, E1, J, J1, Q: 1970 Euro
Groups – F, K, G, L, N, O, Z: 2830 Euro
Group – H: 3690 Euro

4. What is the young driver policy?

From the age of 21 and with 1 year of license, you can reserve vehicles from all groups, with exception of groups G, L, H, N & O. For these ones, needs to be 25 years-old and have 2 years of license. In case the age is not according to these terms, it is possible to activate the Young Driver Supplement applicable only for car groups from MINI to E1. Maximum age is 75 years old.

5. Can I require a child seat?

Child seats are required by law and must be reserved in advance. We can supply children and booster seats at an additional charge of 7.65 Euro/day, maximum 80 Euro/rental.

6. Can I pick up a car from one location and return it to another location?

One-Way inside Portugal Mainland between our stations are allowed. The one way fee is 80 Euro.

7. Can I travel to another country with the rented car?

Our cars may be driven into any European Economic Community Country and Switzerland, yet, must be returned to originating point unless a One-Way has been pre-arranged from the designated points. Vehicles cannot be driven into any Eastern Europe or Africa Countries (except Slovenia and Slovaquia), as well as other specified in the International Motor Insurance Card.
The value for this product has an additional cost of € 36,90€ per rental.

8. What are the opening hours for your offices during this year’s Christmas and New Year?

Xmas and New Year Schedule on Airport Locations and Downtown locations in Portugal Mainland and Madeira:

Portugal Mainland:
24 December – working until 22.00 hours
25 December – normal working hours
31 December – working until 22.00 hours
1 January – normal working hours

24 December – working until 21.00 hours
25 December – normal working hours
31 December – working until 22.00 hours
1 January – normal working hours