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Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Portuguese Christians consecutively came to Santarem over the years, which accounts for the eclectic style of the architecture and the cosmopolitan feel of the city.To appreciate this lovely little city to the full, all you have to do is complete our online form and employ our Santarem car hire services right now!

Let`s evaluate all the reasons you should rent with Santarem car hire today!

Santarem welcomes you!

You are, surely, aware of all the advantages of owning your own car (or driving your car rental vehicle): you save time, you have the mobility to go wherever and do whatever you wish in Santarem and you won’t have to lose the habit of driving your own car, like you are used to at home.

Car Rental Santarem

Car Rental Santarem – low Cost Santarem car hire

The Best Santarem Car Hire

If you want to benefit from our excellent Santarem car hire services, you are just a click away! Book online today and make sure your transportation arrangements are settled before you embark on your trip to Portugal.

Having a car at your disposal is always something to enjoy and benefit from, regardless of the reasons behind your trip to Santarem. Either you go on business or plan to enjoy your stay at a hotel or spa, when you wish to explore the city and  its outskirts, you will need a vehicle.

And here is where we step in, offering you our large car fleet. You can choose your model with a click and enjoy a Compact car as well as a 7-seater or a mini-van. Perhaps you wish a diesel car; or better be petrol fueled? The choice is entirely yours!

Also, it`s worth mentioning that, if you sign a rental contract with us, you will benefit from a rather comprehensive insurance policy which is not optional, meant to save you from having to pay anything in case of minor accidents, such as dinging the car or fender-benders.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Santarem and book with Car Rental Portugal today!


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