Guarda Car Hire

Welcome to Guarda!

Very near Lisbon City, you encounter the little town on Guarda, linked to the religious life and history of Portugal. If you travel here, be sure to take into consideration the option of Guarda Car Hire to offer you the chance to visit the city and surroundings by car.

Rent a car services are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays, with the development of the tourist industry and with the change in people’s mentalities: what was once upon a time regarded as a commodity is seen today more as a necessity.

Having freedom to move from one place to another, to explore all possibilities and go beyond the limits is to be desired when you plan the holiday of your dreams in Portugal. Moreover, you save time and effort and even money and you can enjoy the pleasure of driving, which you were used to at home.

Quality Guarda Car Hire!

Guarda Car Hire encourages you to travel and explore! We offer our varied fleet for you to choose from the car that most suits you – be it a small, medium or large vehicle, a petrol or diesel car, manual or automatic.

The prices are quite accessible and the rental conditions and procedure easier than ever! Basically, all you have to do is come online and complete the booking form, send us your request and we’ll save the car you love for you!

What is also essential to remember is that all our Car Rental Portugal rental contracts come with a rather comprehensive insurance policy. This policy might prove incredibly useful in the unhappy event you may get involved in a minor accident. Dinging the car and fender benders are stress of the past.

All you have to worry today is to plan the trip of your life! And above all, don’t forget to book – sooner rather than later, to ensure availability – the car of your linking from Guarda Car Hire.

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